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X-Ray Facet Joint Injection

X-Ray of the Facet Joint Injection consists of the lumbar facet joints which are small joints located in pairs in your lower back. These joints provide stability and guide motion in your spine.

Your doctor may recommend a facet joint injection if your joints become painful due to arthritis, injury or mechanical stress. The lumbar facet joints commonly cause pain in your lower back, hip, buttock, or leg.

In preparation for a facet joint injection, you will be asked to lie on an x-ray table. The skin over the area of the spine to be treated will be well cleansed. Next, the physician numbs a small area of skin with numbing medicine (anesthetic). Then, the physician will use x-ray guidance to direct a very small needle into the joint. The physician then injects several drops of contrast dye to confirm that the medicine only goes into the joint. A small mixture of numbing medicine (anesthetic) and anti-inflammatory cortisone is then slowly injected.

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Low dose radiation produces internal images.

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