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FAQ For Patients

Is it possible to have a procedure performed without a referring physician?
Nearly all radiologic procedures must be ordered by a licensed referring physician, podiatrist or chiropractor. Tell your doctor you would like your procedure performed by Premier Radiology.

I've searched your site but can't find information about a particular procedure.
We describe many of our most common radiology procedures but it's not possible to describe every type of procedure on this website. Procedures will be added and updated as we continue to develop new state-of-the-art techniques to treat disease.

If you have any questions about the services and treatments we offer please contact us directly either through this site or by calling us at 269-388-6350.

I read your information about my procedure or therapy but I still have unanswered questions or concerns.
In this case we recommend that you contact us or consult with your physician or ask your health services provider.

I need information about costs or insurance coverage.
There are many insurance plans and the coverage of each plan is different. We recommend that you contact your insurance company. They can explain your coverage and co-pays.

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