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White Blood Cell Scan

A White Blood Cell Scan is a nuclear imaging test that looks for infection, inflammation or an abscess in the body, particularly in the abdomen. The material that allows us to do this scan contains a very small amount of radioactivity, making it safer for the patient.

Your doctor may recommend a White Blood Cell Scan to detect any area of infection or abscess in the body, which will help your doctor decide on the best medical treatment.

A White Blood Cell Scan is done over the course of two appointments. A technologist will draw a sample of your blood. Your white blood cells are then attached to a radioactive material called Indium (takes about 2-3 hours). After this time your blood will be re-injected into you through a vein in your arm. These white blood cells need to circulate in your body for 18-24 hours. For the second appointment, you will return to the Nuclear Medicine Department for a scan of your whole body. You will lie on a table while a large camera-like machine moves above and below you. The scan takes about 1-1.5 hours.

For Physicians

External cameras capture internal images emitted by radiopharmaceuticals to detect and track disease.

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