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MRI and Open MRI

At Premier Radiology, we read and interpret MRI for all of our locations. We are also a part of the physician referral service at Borgess Health.

The MRI services that we offer include:

What is an MRI?
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is an advanced diagnostic imaging technique that produces detailed pictures of the tissues of the human body such as the brain, spine, chest, abdomen, and blood vessels. MRI is very safe. Instead of using potentially harmful radiation like an x-ray, MRI uses a magnet and radiowaves to see inside the body. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a simple, painless diagnostic procedure that produces images of anatomy without using radiation. There are no known side effects to an MRI. Typically, an MRI scan will vary in length between 20 and 60 minutes, depending upon the information required by your physician.

What is an Open MRI?
An MRI provides patients with a more comfortable and stress-free environment in which they can receive high quality diagnostic testing. Our MRI scanners are open on all four sides, eliminating the confined spaces and dark tunnels of traditional high-field MRI scanners. Patients can enjoy the benefits of MRI scanning without the fear of confinement or having to take sedatives. Open air MRI provides a quieter and significantly more comfortable experience for the patient.

The open styling of our MRI scanners can accommodate a variety of patients needs, including those who are:

  • Claustrophobic
  • Unable to lie comfortably in conventional MRI scanners
  • Athletes with wide shoulders
  • In need of acute care supervision
  • Larger, in excess of 200 pounds and up to 500 pounds
  • Anyone who wants a more comfortable MRI exam experience

How should I prepare for a MRI?
On the day of the procedure, wear comfortable clothing and try to relax. Before the procedure begins, you will be asked if you have any metal medical equipment in your body such as a pacemaker, intrauterine device (IUD), implanted port, or infusion catheter. Due to the strong magnetic fields created by MRI, these devices may interrupt the procedure. Also, make sure to notify the technologist if you might be pregnant. Before the procedure begins you also will be asked to remove any metal jewelry or metal external objects as they may interfere with the procedure.

What type of equipment is used for a MRI?
An MRI can be performed in either a closed or an open MRI scanner. A closed scanner requires you to lie in a cylinder-like compartment. An open MRI is ideal for claustrophobic, pediatric, elderly, and large patients. This procedure uses a scanner that is less confining. Both types of scanners can provide your physician with accurate and detailed images of your spine.

How will I get the test results for a MRI?
The results of your MRI are read by the board-certified radiologists of Premier Radiology. A detailed report will be sent to your referring physician.

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