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Computed Tomography (CT) Scans

At Premier Radiology, we read and interpret Computed Tomography (CT) scans for KNI and Borgess Medical Center. We are also a part of the physician referral service at Borgess Health.

The sub-services that we offer include:

What is a CT Scan?
Computed Tomography (CT), also known as computerized tomography or computed axial tomography (CAT). Computed Tomography is an advanced X-ray technology that produces a sequence of detailed cross-sectional images of the head, spine, chest, abdomen or other areas of the body. The complex images are produced by rotating a focused X-ray beam around the patient and taking these X-ray images from numerous angles, guided by a computer. CT examinations produce detailed organ studies by capturing multiple individual images "slices."

How should I prepare for my CT?
To prepare for a CT scan we recommend you dress comfortably. Also, avoid any clothing that contains metal objects such as, snaps and zippers that can affect the CT image. You will not be asked to wear a gown unless the technician feels your clothing could affect the results of the scan. Depending on your individual scan, you may be asked to drink contrast before your study. Contrast material is a dye that makes your organs and blood vessels more visible when you are scanned. After the scan you should drink plenty of liquids to help flush the contrast out of your system.

What type of equipment is used for a CT?
The CT scanner is a specialized machine that looks like a large doughnut. You will lie on a movable table that goes in and out of the center of the machine. Most CT studies use an advanced unit called a spiral CT that records a large number of pictures in a short time.

How will I get the test results for a CT?
When your CT exam is complete, you may return to work or other normal activities immediately. Our board-certified radiologists will read your exam, and the results will be reported to your referring physician within 24 hours.

For Physicians

Premier's clinical expertise enhances the advanced technology of CT.

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