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Lifesaving Stroke Intervention

Premier Radiology's Dr. K. Derek Kreitel, MD was featured in an article of Inspire Magazine published by Borgess Hospital.

Patient Michael Bastian presented to Borgess' ER more than five hours into a stroke. Being outside of the time window required for the use of IV tPA - a drug which can dissolve blood clots - Michael was rushed to the NeuroInterventional Lab. Dr. Kreitel and his team acted fast to restore blood flow to his carotid artery and the intracranial MCA as well.

"We were able to provide safe, quick and effective minimally invasive treatment to reverse a major stroke, when no other medical therapy was available to him," Dr. Kreitel said.

Read the entire article in Borgess' Inspire Magazine Fall 2014.

Borgess Inspire Magazine Fall 2014

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